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Having undertaken the logo design for KOUTSOUKOS WINERY, we were assigned the artwork of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging, which will be the sparking of the identity of the said Winery in the wine market. The goal we set was at the same time a challenge, namely to give a special, elegant note in a category of wine packaging that has accustomed us to a specific bottle and label aesthetic. Starting from the selection of a bottle for 1 lt and 1.5 lt that refers more to the aesthetics of a glass bottle, we proceeded to the design of the custom format. We chose to communicate it on a front oblong label with a cutting edge and black and white print on a transparent sticker and a circular label φ 54 mm on the back, where the communication with the barcode of the product is indicated. We designed five formats of different markings, one for dry red-white-rosé wines, one for Harmony red-white-rosé, one for Malagouzia, one for Assyrtiko dry and one for semi-sweet wine. In the category of the dry wines (red-white-pink) we rendered the name KOUTSOUKOS with circles, semicircles and quarters, inspired by the circular shape of the grape seed and the drop while the design of the other categories’ marking was done with a selection and combination of elements that we find in KOUTSOUKOS of the previous category. We wanted the marking of each label to be “colored” by the color of the wine without printing, but by the gaps created by the shapes on the white background. Thus we chose the transparent sticker. A total of nine formats were designed for the 1 lt bottles and nine formats for the 1.5 lt bottles.

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Lenga Grape Spa Logo Collection
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