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For the logo design of KaaranGre, a new brand of fashion accessories, we wanted to avoid the current design trends, aiming at a timeless form with a clear character in the field of fashion and style. The font we chose for the logotype is Blinkets while for the tagline “Pure Gutsy Style”, which was our guide in a more aggressive design approach and touch, we used the UB-Front. The paper we chose is the Leather Antelope Black / Chartorama Papers, in which we print our custom format: the “Pure Gutsy Style” with black thermotype and on top the logo with white thermotype. We followed the specific method of imprinting our custom format on both the corporate card of two color options (gray & pink) as well as on the handmade boxes of three sizes, with the medium-sized box also having an inner bronze box lined with Majestic Medal Bronze / Chartorama Papers. The same method is followed for the labels as well, with a cut-out in two sizes (1,5 x 4 cm and 11,5 x 3,7 cm) in three versions of three different hashtags on one side. We also chose a glasses case that bears the logo and we designed the custom format for the cleaning cloth that is enclosed.


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AmiciMiei Natiria
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